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04/17/2023, 11:55

Two trucks, one of which was reportedly carrying hazardous materials, collided and burst into flames on the N1 South highway, injuring one person.

06/27/2023, 08:58

Youth unemployment is at the highest rate in South Africa

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Zama zamas

07/31/2023, 10:27

five people dead in Riverlea

07/31/2023, 10:51

By Itumeleng Maloka Five bodies were discovered following a shootout between two rival groups of zama zamas in Riverlea, Johannesburg. According to the Gauteng police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Masondo, the incident which occurred on Saturday night is believed to be linked to a territorial conflict between the zama zamas. Masondo also confirmed that SAPS deployed officers from the tactical response team and public order policing to monitor the area. DA shadow Minister of Mineral Resources, James Lorimer, reported that the residents alerted him about heavily armed men moving through suburban areas. Lorimer further stated that the area has turned into a epicentre of criminality where rival gangs regularly shoot at each other in an attempt to assert control over the Zamimphilo mining settlement. Lorimer also stated that despite the fact that the area has turned into a conflict zone, the police are usually absent. “There have been many gun battles in and around Zamimphilo and Riverlea for months. Police are usually absent from these battles,” Lorimer’s said. He further called on the police to let the citizens know what they are doing about illegal miners in the area, noting that until they do so, the belief will spread that they are incapable of dealing with illegal miners. Five bodies were discovered following a shootout between two rival groups of zama zamas in Riverlea, Johannesburg.

10/08/2023, 07:10

In his keynote address, RISE Mzansi National Leader Songezo Zibi lamented the current state of affairs in South Africa, and he added that they showed that it was a good decision to form an alternative political party. This was during the first day of RISE Mzansi’s three day policy convention at Constitution Hill in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Zibi said the party, together with the people, needed to forge new answers. He noted that the old politicians and their political parties need to be taken out of power so that they can usher in an era of new leaders and politics that will yield better results for people. We are here because RISE Mzansi’s volunteers and supporters have decided that it is impossible to get better results while keeping the same, old, tired politicians and their political parties in place. They have no energy, no ideas, and no credibility. We need new leaders, and we need new politics because we need new answers Zibi said. Zibi added that the Party is undertaking work that has been neglected for 30 years. He noted that the only way to achieve the ideal of non-racialism is if there is economic justice. “As RISE Mzansi, we believe that non-racialism will only be realised when we have economic justice. This is not just about black people and women owning the productive economy. It is also about spatial planning and investment that works to reverse old spatial patterns that keep black people poor,” Rise Mzansi’s policy convention commenced on Friday. It hosted 800 delegates across the country to give their contribution or policy considerations with the goal of co-creating the people’s manifesto. Zibi spent a good half of his keynote address lamenting South Africa’s woes. He raised numerous issues that underpin a failing state amongst which were the issue of the government spending more on servicing debt than it does on health care, education and training, the 16-year long energy crisis, the issue of Eskom spending more on servicing loans than it does on maintaining SA’s electricity infrastructure, unemployment, and corruption. These issues that have persisted over the years have led to the formation of the party, which is deemed as a political alternative. Zibi believes that South Africans have the power to bring about change, that people want a strong massage, and the party must go and declare it with confidence.

10/09/2023, 14:44

Two suspects who sold muffins laced with dagga to primary school kids returned to the Soshanguve Magistrate Court today, now together with the third suspect.

11/01/2023, 09:10

President Cyril Ramaphosa has appointed Advocate Kholeka Gcaleka as the Public Protector. This follows the National Assembly's approval of her appointment into office with 244 votes which met the required 60% vote threshold on 19th October. Accroding to the statement issued by the office of the President, Kholeka’s non-renewable seven year term came into effect on Wednesday. "President Cyril Ramaphosa has in terms of section 193(4) of Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and on the recommendation of the National Assembly, appointed Advocate Nompilo Kholeka Gcaleka as Public Protector of the Republic of South Africa for a non-renewable term of seven years with effect from 1 November 2023," Presidency spokesperson Vincent Magwenya. Magwenya added that "the President wishes Advocate Gcaleka well in her position and trust that she will serve the people of South Africa with honor and dedication."